Hermit thrush image via https://www.post-gazette.com/life/my-generation/2015/05/27/Let-s-talk-about-birds-Hermit-thrush/stories/201505270028

This website began in August 2020 after the idea had some time to germinate. Collaboration is encouraged – if you would like to contribute to this website, use its contents elsewhere, or have content from elsewhere to suggest for sharing on this website, please reach out.

This website emerges from a temperate forest context and is focused on that context, but Trees For Basic Needs certainly is not limited to that context. Trees exist and support human life on all continents that can sustain humans without fossil fuels.

This website finds its origins alongside a low-tech tree crop propagation, planting, and processing project in the Eastern Great Lakes Lowlands. That project is called Willows Edge, and its nursery offerings are included as a section of this website. This website is hosted in reciprocity for the gifts of trees, with no advertising or fees associated with it. Willows Edge has its online home on my main web log Alchemecology.com, but that project and this informative website are intended to exist as separate individuals together, as with a human in a forest.

May the force of forest succession be with you.

Squirrel drawing from cr0
Animation of cr0's squirrel drawing in the making