Can you? Ways to engage tree crops

  • Support ecologically-oriented agriculture?
  • Eat nuts, especially from your region and harvested in good relationship to all beings who enable you to enjoy tree crops?
  • Grow: Room for a tree, anyone? How about a forest garden? In a yard, a community garden? Integrated into a farm field, or sustained as a vast forest?
  • Gather: A weekend in the woods, with walnuts and friends? Hazel harvests for many health benefits?
  • Process: An acorn adventure toward flour, bread that can sustain ye?
  • Distribute: Buy and re-gift the gifts of trees? Host an outdoor event celebrating tree crops like Twisted Tree’s Nut Bonanza? Share with friends? Have a bowl of nuts out, roasting fresh batches to enliven and feed all gathered in a home.
  • Enjoy other tree products, including mushrooms and food from farms practicing agroforestry? (Animal ag mixed with agroforestry is called silovpasture. Given the key roles of animals in nature, agriculture integrated with animals can be one of the best things for people and planet.
  • Use wood, paper, and tree products?
  • Heat with wood or energy sources which minimize harm to forests, water and wildlife? Learn more sustainable forestry and heating sources?
  • Support and visit forests, urban forests, and farms near you?
  • Learn wildcrafting, cultivate good relation with forests for mutual survival?
  • Minimize reliance on and support for land uses that harm forests, such as biocide-based agriculture and vast industrial monocultures?
  • Meet more basic needs with trees? For water, fuel, food, shelter, first-aid, and fun?

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