Agroforestry Services

To serve the use of trees for basic needs in ecological mutualism, I have worked on education and experience in forestry, agronomy, ecosystem service science, tree propagation, philosophy, and communications. From that foundation, I am practicing agroforestry services with the hopes of spreading and reciprocating the gifts of trees.

Services I currently work on:

  • Low-input ecological tree nursery
  • Small-scale forest farming and tree crop production, in the long process of scaling up at the speed of root growth
    • Shiitake mushrooms log-grown outdoors using trees thinned from ecological forestry
    • Hazelnut, willow, and elderberry multi-functional hedges
    • Forest gardening in dense, diverse plantings and in orchard polycultures
    • Timber harvesting
  • Consultation
    • Measuring current forest condition (delineating forest stands; estimating important characteristics about forest stand age, density, diversity, and health; identifying current pest & disease risks)
    • Quantifying tree benefits using i-Tree Tools and other ecosystem service estimation techniques.
    • Preparing maps: topography; land use; potential alternative uses; potential for solar, wind, or different types of habitat or forest types
    • Writing management plans: working together with participating stakeholders to identify and clarify goals, to develop long-term guidance; detailing activity schedules for the healthy cultivation, harvest, and use of tree crops; identifying and satisfying government agency management plan requirements
    • Designing plantings as overhead layouts on graph paper and/or digital maps, and suggesting categorized planting lists. I am focusing on multi-functional hedgerows (as windbreaks or fences) and riparian buffers in hardiness zones 4 through 7
    • Installs in southeast PA: planning workdays, sourcing plants, organizing labor, and getting trees growing. In some cases I can work with close friends and colleagues to organize and oversee site layout, preparation, and planting in Central NY. My planting focus is on forest gardens, hedgerows, and windbreaks, though I am also familiar with broadacre silvoarable and silvopasture systems

If you’d like to inquire with me about inquiring into land, whether field or forest, near or far, please reach out via the Contact page. There’s no charge or expectation of commitment from having a conversation. We can discuss where you’re at and explore if I can meaningfully help you in mutual benefit to us both and all.

Thank you for your interest, and may the force of forest succession be with you.